Our address

The Wishing Well Project
Jubilee House
St Paul’s Street

Telephone numbers

Wishing Well Base office: 01270 256919 /01270 253551

The Georges Community Centre: 01270 580566

Eagle Bridge Wishing Well Community Café: 01270 376544

Email addresses

Director: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@seniam.selrahc

Older Persons Services: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@tnarrat.llig

Children & Families Services: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@htiderem.nybam

Day Care & Home Meals Administration: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@subortna.nna

Volunteering: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@noskcaj.arual

Disabled Children’s Services: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@gnuoy.map

Education & Courses: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@ggoh.nahteb

Supported Adults Service: ten.tcejorpllewgnihsiwnull@ailem.naj

Our Key Venues

Wishing Well Base
Jubilee House
St Paul’s Street

We have our main office and a range of services and activity rooms located by Crewe Town Centre.

The Georges Community Centre
West Street

We have a range of services and activity rooms located in West Street, Crewe.

Eagle Bridge Health & Wellbeing Centre
Dunwoody Way

Our Community Café and catering service is located within this centre, as is our advice office, signposting service and IT Information suite. We also run a range of health related activities there, as and when advertised.

The locations of playscheme activities during school holidays and other special event venues will be announced by email and flyers in good time.

We also have a number of weekly day clubs for the elderly around Cheshire. Please check our full programme for details WW Programme Early Spring 2018.